CNC cutting tables and chairs form a unique beautiful impressive site suitable for your garden

Iron art furniture CNC cut for the entire garden is not only beautiful, graceful lines in harmony but also beautiful in the most creative style. Iron Art Kang Han always explore and absorb customer”s idea, the wrong purpose constantly create new products right the employer.

CNC cutting tables and chairs form a unique beautiful impressive site suitable for your garden

  • Code:KH15-BG005
  • Sale Price:32,400,000 vnđ Buy
Manufacturer: Wrought Iron Art Khang Han
Material: Iron special, CNC cutting
Size table:
Size seat:
Colors: White, black, antique brass or requested by guests.
Modern style, impressive
Use and decoration
Solution great seats
Solid construction and durable
Free delivery within the city
The high premiums in greater numbers and resellers
Not surprising when you walk into a house with the furniture of iron is placed inside a small garden. Because iron art today are increasingly on the market to create attractive products and both interior and exterior. Architectural space becomes filled attraction when we use iron art furniture to sit drinking tea or sip a cup of coffee in the morning.
CNC cutting tables and chairs beautiful KH15-BG005
CNC cutting tables and chairs impressive unique beauty KH15-BG005
From iron often, through the hands of the workers become the products with natural textures and very soulful. Art iron suitable for many different spaces, with the pattern according to the classic motifs of Western architecture. With all the fancy design both chairs are full of unique CNC cut but equally soft, graceful lines and patterns with exquisite exquisitely interesting inspiration for the look.
Come with wrought iron art Khang Han, you absolutely can incorporate unique ideas of their own plus talented craftsmanship of skilled workers will help you own a tech iron furniture Arts and satisfactory perfect style for your own little house.
24 month warranty
You can refer to the following address: No: 365, Tran Xuan Soan Street, Tan Kieng Award, District 7
Hotline: or 0902.770.655 - Ms Muoi for advice on products.


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